The gallery was founded in 2013 by two art-loving female entrepreneurs. The at that time new and innovative concept of a rental gallery in the heart of Zurich was soon able to successfully establish itself.

Many artists having once exhibited, return and indeed are now regular exhibitors.
In 2019, the opportunity presented itself for me to take over the gallery. My career until then had included sales, marketing and hospitality. However, my abiding passion and interest had always been in the field of art. Museums and art businesses such as galleries and exhibitions have always attracted and fascinated me. A big focus is also on photography, which has occupied me half my life and challenged my own creativity. Mainly when travelling, the camera is my ever present and indeed indispensable companion.

Examples can be found at:

That I am now in a position to implement and develop this enthusiasm through the gallery is a source of great happiness and enrichment in my life.

I am very happy to continue on and expand this path with you as fellow artists and gallery owners.

Sonja Lacher


Galerie am Lindenhof
Pfalzgasse 3
8001 Zürich

Sonja Lacher
T +41 44 210 12 10
M +41 79 799 80 80


Galerie am Lindenhof   
Pfalzgasse 3   8001 Zürich   T +41 44 210 12 10   M +41 79 799 80 80