Allison Zurfluh

17.04.2024 – 28.04.2024

Winds and wild lands, textures of Venice

Allison Zurfluh’s passion for the northern Venice Lagoon is the moving force and inspiration for her paintings. Through a body of work in oil on canvas, Wilds and wild lands, textures of Venice is an intimate story told through the artist’s close and daily relationship with the Lagoon. Allison is particularly interested in the layering of colour on the raw canvas, which reflects the natural toughness of the Venetian marshland.

Her work naturally advocates the protection of one of the world’s most beloved wetlands, and generates awareness of the perils facing its ancestral fishing methods, local culture, and a sustainable lifestyle.

Allison is a thrice-published author, and co-founder and president of the Barena Association, which supports conservation projects in the northern Venice Lagoon.

Her book, Allison Zurfluh and the Venice Lagoon, a collection of poetry and art, will be available for purchase.

Opening hours

Daily from 11.00 – 18.00

Live painting on every opening day.


17.04.2024 at 18.00


CH + 41 76 345 3554
ITA +39 388 325 5635

IG @allisonzurfluh_artist

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