01.02. – 07.02.2017

Ephemeral: Sand, Ice, Water

Curator Lic.Veronica Cuomo Grunauer

It is an enormous pleasure to introduce the Chilean artist Denise Lira-Ratinoff in her first Solo Exhibition in Zürich (CH), presenting her latest photography series Ephemeral: Sand, Ice, Water.

Denise has had numerous solos and groups exhibitions in the USA, South America and Europe. This year the visual artist deserved an Honorable Mention at the International Award Honoring Color Photography Worldwide. In 2010 a photograph from the series Glaciers was featured at Christie’s New York at the Green Auction: 40th Anniversary of Earth Day a Bid to Save the Earth. In 2008 Denise’s Photo-Installation At First Sight II was named „Best Art Event of the Year“, Atlanta, USA and in 1999 Awarded Best Young Artist, First Prize, XXI National Competition of Art, Chile; to name a few.

Through an impeccable photographic technique, best existing printing procedure, Denise’s artistic vision expresses herself without manipulation or any artificial intervention.

For this specific project the artist emerged herself in an intimate contact with nature during eight years of expedition to the most remote landscapes of the world, resulting in images of outstanding and breathtaking beauty.

We propose an imaginary journey through Glaciers, Oceans and Desert, leading the viewers to abandon themselves to the imposing power of colors, transparencies and forms.


February 2, 18:00 to 21:00 pm

Artist Talk: Diaries of Ephemeral

February 4, 16:00 pm

Exhibition and Sale

February 1-7, 2017
Daily 11:00 am to 19:00 pm

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