02.08.2022 – 08.08.2022



Born in Switzerland, lives in Saudi.

The exhibition shows works taken in the last two years in Saudi. The photographer observed his surroundings during these years of global and domestic changes, capturing moments, feelings and meanings with his cameras.

In this intimate exhibition the viewers are introduced to images that could have been photographed only in certain geographical locations, aside themes that are universal.

Analog and digital equipments were used to create this body of work. AlSaady chooses to exhibit black and white as well as color images, in order to highlight the verity of the subjects and scenes. Abstract and direct photography, contemporary and classic styles are all part of the artistic language AlSaady uses to tell his stories.

Naomi Leshem, Curator

Tschakalaka in Saudi Arabien

Fotograf Faris Al Saady stellt in Zürich eine Auswahl seiner Fotografien aus. Kuratiert hat die Ausstellung Fotografin Naomi Leshem. Was so speziell daran ist? Einerseits die Bilder. Und dann die beiden Personen: Er lebt in Saudi Arabien, sie in Israel. Unmöglich? Möglich!

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