James Kline

23.01.2024 – 29.01.2024

Seeing Beyond Three Dimensions: drawings and photographs

James Kline has an eye for the subtle, invisible energy which he captures both as a painter and as a photographer. His graphite drawings and his photographic series ‘Golden Vibrations’ both issue life energy which can be felt and imbibed. They offer a glimpse into the energy that drives and sustains life and invite us to begin a search to expand our being.

„In my graphite portraits I find it most interesting that there appears to be an emotional vibratory state that can be sensed in the photograph of a person, especially when he or she is looking directly into the camera as if looking into my eyes. This felt sense is what I have preserved in my paintings.“
„In my ‘Golden Vibrations’ photographs I am stunned by the continually shape-shifting designs created by water flowing over sand. What fascinates me is the sheer beauty of these vibratory patterns. Truly everything is vibration. I can feel the power of nature in these patterns. They are full of life and mystery, a continual flux of divine energy manifesting in ever-changing, never-repeating patterns. Each and every photograph is unique.“

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James Kline

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