Pedro Blas | Honys Torres

12.07.2022 – 25.07.2022


There is no better opportunity to witness a creative encounter between two opposites. Life is renewed by watching the dance of two artists standing side by side, united by the work and grace of emotional causality.

That telluric marvel of continuous and respectful dialogue is what you can witness, feel and share in this exhibition of Torres y Blas‘ recent work.

She, feminine and extroverted. Perhaps the most authentic and important representation of Venezuelan neo-pop. He, male and dynamic. A Venezuelan reinterpreting kinetic art from his personal and profound point of view.

Kinetic and neo-pop, are the two retinal currents through which this Venezuelan creative pair achieves a concept of strength that speaks from the image.

Dichotomous, a new work by Honys Torres and Pedro Blas, offers the opportunity to enjoy life’s explosive surprise without hesit

Pedro Blas
Pedro Blas is a kinetic Venezuelan-Spanish artist from Caracas. He started painting as a teenager and, after completing his studies in design and graphics, worked in his studio for major brands, advertising agencies, and his artistic projects.

Blas’ work explores light, movement, and color using the mediums of photography, painting, audiovisual media, printing, and lighting design. He continually looks for dynamism, transformation, the digital revolution, innovation, and topics related to the current time.

Honys Torres
Iconic imagery is the primary source in the research and visual production of the Venezuelan artist Honys Torres (Caracas, 1969), who has developed an extensive and fruitful body of work of an eclectic nature. Excelling as a painter, photographer, sculptor, and draftswoman, Torres’s aesthetic approach is rooted in critical reflection whereby themes revolving around power, stereotypes, anarchy, and the canons of beauty in contemporary society are questioned against a canvas of deeply-held beliefs.

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