27.02.2024 – 04.03.2024


Contemporary and Surrealism

Artist Cooperation Romaine Kuonen Switzerland & Hadi MohammadKhani Iran

The purpose of this Cooperation is the exchange of technical know-how and artistic activity in the field of visual arts and performance.

She is fine art and contemporary painting artist.
He is Painter, graphic artist, designer of contemporary movements, teacher, actor and director of physical and musical theater and founder of the Body Magic Group in Mashhad Iran.

Romaine Kuonen and Hadi MohammadKhani show together as collaboration works real, but also surreal situations and their own visions. They draw inspiration from everyday or past events or from their own photographs depicting details or situations that evoke emotions for certain colors at that moment.

Harmonies in the choice of colors and interesting breaks, which then overall nevertheless by their tension again form their own harmony, let her images shine very vividly and powerfully. The technique used is acrylic and all media as well as photopin on canvas and paper. Photopin is a technique specially developed by Hadi Mohammadkhani.

Romaine Kuonen has been collaborating with the Iranian artist, from Iran since 2020. Since 2022, numerous joint paintings have been created for international exhibitions. In January 2023, they received the Donatello International Prize in Florence and are also represented in the Contemporary Celebrity Masters Catalog 2023 and the Modern MUSA Art Catalog 2022. January 2024 they have been honored with the Prize Botticelli in Firenze.

So it happens, that between East and West, art in the sign of the times was reborn in its peculiarity for this team of artists. Their works are the breaking point, the moment of decision between being and not being, between nothing and something.

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Romaine Kuonen
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