Silvia Strobos

30.08.2023 – 10.09.2023


Silvia Strobos main theme is encounters, she shows the different ways in which people are connected with each other. Her paintings are full and structured at the same time, as if she tries to organize human interaction.Her work pictures crowds but highlights the personal contact between a few.

The use of Plexiglas layers the social structures, it gives it more depth and thus emphasizes the personal encounters in the front. Her clear message is that in a world of algorithms, hashtags and
followers, we shouldn`t forget how important real human interaction is.

She is represented by galleries in Zürich, Basel, Munich, Konstanz and Amsterdam and her work is shown in galleries and on big art fairs like the renowned Art Karlsruhe, The Affordable Art Fairs (Amsterdam, Hamburg, Brussels, Stockholm), Art Nocturne Knocke, Art International Zürich, ARTMUC, INC Hamburg and many more.

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Silvia Strobos
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